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start a blog. I’ve never enjoyed reading them and now especially don’t like writing them. Ok, maybe it’s not so bad. It’s one more thing to do in front of the computer (which isn’t what we’re going for over here in France) but it helps me work on my journalist skills. With this much time on my hands, my hands must be productive. So here we are. Blog entry #1.

We’ve been to Barcelona, Montpellier, Albi, and Toulouse all in under a month. Not bad. We’ve seen incredible natural views, ancient castles and churches, eaten some of the best food, and drank incredible wine. We still prefer PB&J’s over a gourmet French meal, so I guess there’s still some American in us.

Yesterday we started the Paleo diet which basically means: If people 10,000 years ago couldn’t eat it then neither can you. This is semi-masochistic due to the abundance of ridiculous foods around us, but should make for an interesting exercise in self-control.

Yesterday, we took what felt like the 6th leg of the Tour De France en route to picking apples at a farm in the countryside of France. Good fun until we realized we had to retrace our steps…er pedals.

France is inviting (stay away from Paris if you’re looking for the stereotypical French person) and offers so much to a couple of newlyweds. For the most part we love the laid back lifestyle here, yet miss so much of what we left behind in the States.

More to come…stay with us…


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September 21, 2010 at 10:48 am

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